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About Danny del Ray

Daniel Ray Rodriguez or Danny del Ray an American rapper, proud military veteran, purple heart recipient, best-selling author, and former NFL player, born and raised in the beautiful state of Virginia.


"Music has been in me since I can remember and having Elvis- and Beatle-loving parents, my music roots really stem from the 50s. The influence I've had throughout the years has cultivated the sound and mind you're hearing now."

At the age of 18, Daniel's sister convinced him not to drop out of high school, since he was considering pursuing a rap career instead, where he eventually graduated. That's when things took a turn for the worst when just four days after graduating high school, his father passed away, pushing Daniel to forego a rap career and instead join the Military.


After two years overseas, Daniel returned home a war veteran, having survived one of the bloodiest battles in the war in Afghanistan, and even starring in a movie called "The Outpost", a recapping of the events that led him to become a purple heart recipient. At that battle, he made a few promises to some of his friends that passed:

"I won't let me friends or my dreams die in vain."

Daniel then went on to pursue an NFL Career to withhold those promises. Having successfully been a player on the Rams and having fulfilled his promise to his friends. Danny realized his true passion was what it always was--to be a rapper--where he now puts all his time and energy into, in order to bring something real to his fans through hard work.

"I want people to see my art, not my past."

His career began with his feature breakout song "Rise" and to this day Daniel continues to produce music with a humble appreciation for the music community and a drive to inspire others.

"So I'm back to let you know I can really break it down."

-The Contours




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